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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Logistics Sales Team! Did you know? Sales reps spend only 35% of their time selling. It's time to change that. Discover how our solutions reduce time spent on non-selling activities, making it easier than ever for sellers to connect with the right prospects.

CargoPro tracks your potential customers latest freight transactions to identiy your perfect fit customers.

CargoPro company profile

The only freight data tool designed specifically for Logistics Lead Generation

Big Data, Made Simple

Finding quality leads can be tricky...

But CargoPro users generate lists of hundreds of thousands of ideal customers based on freight trends, location, and commodities.  

Freight First

Before picking up the phone, CargoPro users know who to call, the exact location, size, patterns, and content of customer freight. 

Simple and insightful company profiles prepare our users to contact new customers with confidence, and capitalize on existing business.

Quality Contacts

If you know the contact name and phone number for a load... then the only thing left to do is close the business. 

CargoPro makes that happen. 

That's why our power users have the highest close rates in the industry.


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CargoPro is built by brokers, for brokers.  That's why our users see fantastic results identifying, contacting, and closing new business.




Finding new business can make or break a brokerage.  CargoPro was created to solve this problem. 

We leverage multi-channel global trade data to identify company freight, lanes, and points of contact. 

CargoPro is built by brokers for brokers.  That's why CargoPro users accelerate out of training 15% faster, close profitable customers, and quote millions in new business withing their first 2 months.


Our goal is to make

"million dollar brokers". 


We do this by augmenting the new business development process for freight brokers using simple user interfaces, big data, and machine learning. 

With CargoPro, it takes 15 minutes to find 15 qualified leads.  On average, our users close 3 new customers within their first month. 


Big data is complex. CargoPro makes it simple. 

We gather multi-channel trade data around the globe, business databases, and other sources into one easy to use interface. 

Our machine learning cloud algorithms work behind the scenes around the clock to deliver you the most accurate up-to-date information on any company's cargo.


“I'm always on the lookout for tools and technologies that can help me find new customers and build my business. I grew a stagnant account by $500K using CargoPro lane data.”

Senior Account Executive

Thanks to CargoPro, I have been able to access a wealth of data and insights about potential customers in my target markets. I easily identify businesses that are likely to need our services, and reach out to them with targeted messaging that speaks directly to their needs and pain points.

President's Club Broker

“I've seen a dramatic increase in the number of qualified leads coming into my pipeline, and a significant boost to my overall sales performance. I've been able to close deals more efficiently and effectively than ever before, and my book of business has grown substantially as a result.

First Year Broker

Frequently Asked

Where does CargoPro get all this data?

We work with global vendors to combine near real-time information from port manifests, raw bill of lading records, and other shipment modes.

Additionally we leverage business intelligence databases with our machine learning algorithms to provide the most accurate company-level information and contacts.

Can I download CargoPro data?


Pro users can request large datasets in report format.

How do I get started?

Request a demo here


Find. Get. Grow.

CargoPro is designed for brokers to build their business. 

Find the profitable companies, not the "one and dones".

Close your next customer faster than ever with direct contact, lane, and shipment data.

Massive Database

We've gathered millions of companies, contacts, phone numbers, and shipments from global trade data sources.

Lane Data

Every CargoPro company profile contains global lanes.

More lanes means more opportunities to quote and close. 

Direct Contacts

Find the individual responsible for managing shipments (including contacts, emails, and phone numbers) for millions of businesses.

Bills of Lading

Get in-depth company import and export data in an easy-to-read and searchable format.

Company Profiles

It takes less than one minute to generate a list of hundreds of thousands of potential customers, all with existing freight.

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